MPA Auction Story – and it’s a good one!

For those who know who we are and know about our auctions, the next auction is scheduled for January 26 – February 2, 2022. It will go online on the night of January 25 at Movie Poster Archives Auction (you can bookmark it). We will be sending out emails to all those on the mailing list with more details.

Greta Garbo and Robert Taylor in Camille (1937)

For those who do not know yet … what are you waiting for? You’ve already missed out on seven auctions!

Movie Poster Archives is the only nonprofit dedicated solely to the preservation of film accessories (stills, pressbooks, posters, etc.). We have now been operational for 5 years. In that time, we have received over 1,000,000 donated items. In sorting through, we get lots of duplication of items. We only need 2, sometimes 3, of an individual item. Anything over that is not needed and excess (we call that Lagniappe in south Louisiana).

We want to sell all our excess items to create operational funds for overhead, labor, projects, and supplies. Since we are nonprofit and the items are donated, we assign no monetary value to the excess material (from silent to current).

Last year (in March) we started an auction to make more room and raise some operational funds — and it was fantastic!! Posters are listed individually, but most of the other items (stills, mini lobbies, lobby cards) are done in sets or “lots” of 5-10 items per lot.

All the lots on our regular auction start at $3 no matter the market value, just enough to cover our costs. We have lots of weird, rare, unusual, and odd items for you win!

Now that you know … there is no reason for you to miss out Now, let ’s talk about the next auction. We’ve got some great stuff in every category celebrities and tv — and of course our specialty: posters, lobby cards, movie stills. For those that are regulars, you know that this auction will have emphasis on titles beginning with the letters “C” and “D” in every genre. Classics like Citizen Kane, David Copperfield, Clash of the Titans, Critic Choice, Country Girl, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Clockwork Orange. We’ve got sci-fi like Cosmic Man, Cyclops, Day Mars Invaded Earth, and Day the Earth Caught Fire and tons of B horrors like Cauldron of Blood, Cave of the Living Dead, Chamber of Horrors, Crawling Hand, Creature Walks Among Us, Cult of the Cobra, Daughter of Dr. Jekyl, tons of Curse of … like The Fly, The Living Corpses, The Mummy ’s Tomb, The Stone Hand, and VooDoo. We even have Deadly Bees and Deadly Mantis!

Throw in some Disney animation, Chaplin, westerns, comedies, and film noir and we’ve got something for everybody. So, bookmark the place and mark the calendar and we’ll see you January 26!

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