“Our American artistic heritage has to be preserved and shared by all of us.
We need to take pride in our cinema, our great American art form.”

– Martin Scorsese

This campaign is raising vital resources to safeguard and share the invaluable cultural artifacts that represent this great American art form.

“[T]he movie posters that chronicle the stories and artistry of our local filmmakers are invaluable treasures…By contributing to this organization, you would help sustain a permanent home for these remarkable artifacts here in Louisiana, ensuring their proper preservation and accessibility for generations to come and honor the remarkable contributions of our local filmmakers”, says Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser.

We cannot achieve our ambitious goal without your generous support. Your donation will directly contribute to the success of this campaign, enabling us to preserve and expand our collection of 3 million artifacts.

Every contribution, no matter the size, will make a difference in preserving this important part of our cultural heritage. We invite you to join us in this worthy cause by donating to Campaign 2024 Movie Poster Archives.

We need your help to preserve
this cinematic legacy for
generations to come.
– Linda Thurman, Executive Director

We appreciate your donation!
Jefferson Volunteers for Family
and Community

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