Movie Poster Artists – Regular Edition: Volume 1: U.S. and Canada





This first-of-its-kind reference book takes a look at the unsung heroes of the film industry. The multi-billion dollar film industry has always relied on consumers coming to see their films. Press books and film credits lists everyone who had anything to do with the film, except the fantastic artists that were responsible for putting people in the theater seats – THE MOVIE POSTER ARTISTS.

Unlike other types of art, this phenomenal artwork was designed to capture the soul of the film and entice consumers to buy tickets, which was the foundation of the entire industry. But, for some unknown reason, most movie studios have tried to ignore or conceal the identity of these great artists.

Many of these eye-catching masterpieces are instantly recognized by millions of people around the world, such as Jaws, E.T., Star Wars, Star Trek, Evil Dead, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and thousands more. This first 420 page volume takes a look at 242 movie poster artists from the United States and Canada, listing the 3000 movie titles they created posters for. Also included are biographies, photos, signatures and almost 2500 photos of finished movie posters. A title index is also provided for easier research.


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Movie Poster Artists
Movie Poster Artists – Regular Edition: Volume 1: U.S. and Canada