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Welcome to the the Louisiana Movie Poster Virtual Museum. Since 1895 more than 3,000 movies have been made in or about Louisiana. These posters advertised a few of them. We have hundreds to add, so check back with us as we grow.

Ed and Susan Poole, renowned movie poster experts and authorities on Louisiana film history, curated this initial exhibit. It is based on the Backdrop Louisiana! exhibit that premiered in Slidell, Louisiana in January, 2020 and we’re looking forward to a post-pandemic tour. A smidgen of their knowledge can be found at Learn About Movie Posters, known worldwide as LAMP. Visit Hollywood on the Bayou for a deeper dive into Louisiana film history.

This museum is funded in part by grants from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation and the New Orleans Entertainment Coalition.

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Cat People

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Cat People is an American erotic horror film directed by Paul Schrader. The 1982 film starred Nastassja Kinski, Malcolm McDowell, John Heard, Annette O'Toole, Ruby Dee, Ed Begley Jr., Scott Paulin, and Frankie Faison. It was written by Alan Ormsby and directed by Paul Schrader.

Schrader was set to remake the 1942 horror film Cat People for Universal Pictures and principal photography was scheduled to begin in New Orleans, LA. Schrader “reworked” the plot of the 1942 picture, but he did not receive writing credit in the remake. He also made significant changes to Ormsby’s script, including the addition of a prologue, the expansion of the character “Paul Gallier,” which re-envisioned his role as a minister, the inclusion of an incest scene, and further modifications to distinguish the ending of the film from its precursor. However, Ormsby told the LA Times that several of the changes Schrader claimed to have instigated himself were already in Ormsby's treatment and early versions of the script.

The film begins with a prologue set in an undisclosed, primitive human settlement showing a sacrificial maiden being tied to a tree. A black panther approaches and rests its paws on her, and the scene fades to black. Another girl with feline features approaches a similar big cat in a cave, without incurring its attack. The film segues to Irena Gallier, a beautiful young woman who is on the brink of sexuality. She discovers love for the first time with a zoo curator only to find that the explosive experience brings with it tragic consequences. However, the tremendous passion of this girl’s first romantic love is so strong, it bypasses the terror around her – including her brother’s extraordinary demands – as it pushes her on to her own bizarre destiny. Desire, passion, blood, her lust transforms her into one of the Cat People.

Cat People was filmed in and around New Orleans and Slidell. New Orleans locations included Audubon Zoo, Gallier House, Cliff’s Lounge and the vacant Angelo Brocato ice-cream parlor which served as an oyster bar. Jeff Paull, owner of the new Lagniappe Oyster Bar on Decatur Street, became the official oyster consultant for the film.

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